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The Importance of PPE Why is personal protective equipment (PPE) important? We all know the answer, right? All together now: “Because it protects workers from injury!” While this may be true, it’s also true that in the real world, safety professionals are still struggling to get this message across – and make it stick. Unfortunately, expressions like “Wear your PPE because it says so in the safety rule book” just don’t hold up as convincing arguments, especially in front of…


Where to Find Common Sense When it comes to safety, the discussion often centers on Common Sense theories. “If only they had enough Common Sense, it never would have happened.” When I ask, “Where do we get this Common Sense? Can I buy it somewhere?”, I’m usually met with a quizzical look or a roll of the eyes. Common Sense varies greatly from individual to individual. One of my early safety mentors said “Common Sense is your very best thinking…

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