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Great Leaders Make Safety Fun

Make it Fun!

One of the easiest, most effective ways to achieve a dramatic improvement in safety program performance is to make safety fun for your employees.

Safety leaders who have taken steps to inject fun into their safety programs report these benefits:

1. Higher employee energy and productivity
2. Greater participation in safety programs and new ideas from the workforce
3. Stronger team spirit and dramatically improved cooperation between departments
4. Greater understanding by safety leaders on how to help employees enjoy their work and strengthen their commitment to safety
5. Greater empowered on the part of employees to speak up about safety issues
6. Decreased accident rates and an increase in the positive behaviors that make safety programs more successful

But how do you make safety fun? How do you inject fun into safety training without undercutting the seriousness of workplace safety?

Find out how you can use the “Fun Factor” to dramatically improve the performance of your safety program.

Join me on October 19, 2011 with Richard Hawk, an internationally-recognized safety training expert, who will share techniques that leading organizations are now using to inject fun into their safety program.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn at this webinar:

  • Why making safety fun is a powerful performance changer that can reduce accidents in your workplace
  • The real meaning of “fun” (it is not the same as play) and why you can’t just “wing it” to successfully inject fun into your safety program
  • What causes “safety apathy” and 6 steps you can take to counteract apathy in your workplace
  • How to create fun and exciting safety campaigns that will generate high levels of employee interest and involvement
  • New ways to show unique appreciation for employee support that stimulates a feeling of accomplishment
  • The three abilities common among great leaders, past and present, and how you can use these abilities to improve your own safety leadership
  • Simple techniques you can use to create inspiring safety messages that capture attention and motivate safe behavior

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