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Have You Ever Played 'Monkey in the Middle'? Maybe you called it "Dodge Ball" or "Prison Ball." The game involves one or more players stuck between two lines of ball-throwing opponents. Once a player is hit, he or she is "out." The winner is the last one standing. With balls zooming from both directions, it takes plenty of twisting and dodging to stay in the game. Your first-line supervisors probably feel like they're playing an adult version of the game,…


The NIAAA statistics about college students and alcohol are scary, particularly for parents sending their child off to the first year at college. For many young people, this is the first time they’ve been solely responsible for their safety and security. And alcohol is not the only danger out there. Did you know that 80% of college crimes are committed by students against other students? If you’re helping your son or daughter pack-up for college, tuck these tips into their…

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