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Extinguish fire hazards with a safety checklist.

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Cords, connections and other electrical equipment are in good condition, free of defects and damage
Wiring is adequate to handle the electrical load
Flammable liquids such as solvents are stored in the proper containers in well ventilated areas away from sources of ignition
Whenever possible, non-flammable substitutes are used
Materials which can burn, such as paper or fabric, are kept away from sources of ignition such as heaters
Combustible materials are kept away from exit routes, stairways and halls
Compressed gas cylinders are a safe distance from ignition sources
Surfaces such as ceilings and equipment such as dryers are free of lint and dust
Smoking is confined to designated areas and deep no-tip ashtrays are used
Fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment are serviced and maintained regularly
Workers are trained to locate and use fire extinguishers
Fire drills are held regularly
Exit routes are clearly marked
Sprinklers and other emergency devices are kept free of obstructions

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