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Sometimes I'm guilty of wallowing in pessimism, courtesy in part to seeing the darker side of humanity through 20 plus years as a journalist. But at a recent safety conference, I had the opportunity to listen to author Kevin Burns share his 10 attitude adjustment pointers. Now I'd love to say this presentation completely changed me, but I can't; I'm too far gone. However, I am rethinking a few things and in keeping with strategy #9, I'm going to share…


There is probably no such thing as a bad safety meeting. Any time people get together to talk about how to work safely, something good has to come out of it. But some safety meetings are certainly better than others. Last week, we covered the 12 rules of successful safety meetings. Today, here's a brief guide to help you avoid common safety meeting problems. 1. The Latecomers Problem: Latecomers keep everyone waiting for the start of the meeting. Or they…


You've prepared and tested your PowerPoint presentation, arranged for demonstrations and gathered visual aids and props. Your workers know what the topic of discussion will be. You've come to accept your pre-talk jitters and recognize them as normal. All in all, you're feeling pretty well prepared for the weekly safety talk. Now you have to swing into action and deliver it. Here are 12 rules to ensure that your delivery is as effective as your preparation. Rule #1 Start the…

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